unable to change Amount Rounding Precision in General Ledger Setup

Hi to all,

Would appreciate assistance on the below problem/scenario:

  1. In one company in our database, the [Amount Rounding Precision] field in the General Ledger Setup is configured to 0.

  2. We are in the process of implementing the inventory modules, and using item journal to set up the beginning balances for the items.

  3. When we post the Item Journals, Nav prompts an error “the value of the round parameter 2 is outside the permitted range.”

  4. I tried changing the value of [Amount Rounding Precision] from 0 to 1 (to conform with other companies who are working fine). But Nav does not allow me change it due to posted transactions in the ledger.

My problem now is, if I can’t change that field, I won’t be able to use item journal.

On a UAT environment, I tried changing that field via-T-SQL, and I was able to post the item journal.

Is there a way to resolve this without resorting to T-SQL? I understand it will cause data integrity issues, so I was hoping to do everything inside Nav.

NAV 2009 SP1

Thanks in advance.

Silly and absurd as it may seem, the good ol’ copy and paste did it!

Via object designer, we opened the General Ledger Setup Table and hit Ctrl+C.

Then opened the other company GL Setup Table and did a Paste command. Voilà!!!

May not be the answer, but we were able to use Item Journal normally.

Lol, it is as good as using TSQL. But btw, as long as your previous transactions with zero decimals are correct, there won’t be any integrity issue. However, two decimal places should be :2 and not 1. I don’t see the reason to set rounding to 0 unless using a currency that is extremely small that cents are not bothered.

Hi gensan,

I’m afraid you’re in trouble when this field is not set up accordingly, and you already have some entries posted. The general rule is: increasing precision is possible, but forbidden by the logic. Decreasing is not possible, it will give you consistency problems. Changing the precision from 0 (infinite precision) to 1 (whole units, no decimals) is problematic. What is your setup for amount decimals? if it is 0:15, then you should be okay. Otherwise, the numbers posted with higher precision would be truncated and rounded, leading to small deviations in the balance. There is no good standard way of correcting this. The earlier postings are “consistent” on their own with their precision, but only when they are shown as such. So, correcting it might not be necessary.

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Thank you all for your reply.

@Adrian - yes, we were using currency that can be considered small, and the decimal places can be disregarded. However, when we started using the item journal, the system does not allow us to save a transaction unless precision is increased. But then, Nav does not allow us to increase the precision.

For now, we’ll use it as it is. Better to have a working item journal, than none at all. We will monitor the effects.



Hi jglathe,

I am facing the similar issue in NAV 2016. When we make live client never asked to do the rounding to 1. But After we have completed 2 months of Go-Live client is asking to round off all the local future invoices and payments will be rounded off. . But NAV shows error as can’t update as already posted transactions when i tried to update the Amount-Rounding Precision field to 1.

Please suggest me any solution.