Unable to Cancel payment

A customer has recently paid us by cheque, and the transactions have been posted through the sales ledger / accounts recievable. As a few days this cheque had bounced we are trying to ‘cancel payment’ within dynamics ax, except we are presented with an error message. In order to cancel the payment i am doing the following

  1. Selecting Customer and opening there details in the sales ledger
  2. Clicking on transactions
  3. Selecting the transaction to cancel
  4. Clicking Cancel Payment
  5. Then Filling in the information as needed - The date, reason code, and reason comment and clicking on OK

At this point ‘Infolog’ appears presenting me with the following 2 items

  • Critical: Cannot edit a record in Bank transactions (BankAccountTrans).
    Cannot call NEXT, update(), or delete() on buffer where data is selected or inserted in another transaction scope.
  • Information: (S)\Data Dictionary\Tables\BankAccountTrans\Methods\update - line 20
    (S)\Classes\BankPaymCancel\updateBankAccountTransStatus - line 11
    (S)\Classes\BankPaymCancel\updateRelatedRecords - line 38
    (S)\Classes\BankPaymCancel\run - line 37
    (S)\Classes\BankPaymCancel\serverRun - line 14
    (C)\Classes\BankPaymCancel\main - line 15
    (C)\Classes\FormFunctionButtonControl\Clicked - line 3

This image below shows the ‘Customer transactions’ and highlights the one we need to cancel.

Anyone have any idea’s, as i need to get this payment marked as cancelled until the customer has made a confirmed payment.

Thanks :slight_smile:

First you have to make these entries open by going to customer card → functions edit closed transactions select the related entries and click on reverse and then you can reverse each individual entry.

I have managed to reverse the settlements now, but still not cancel the payment.

From looking through some of the dynamics help on reversing transactions it omits any information on the reversal of transactions that affect bank accounts, which is leading me to think its not possible to reverse a transaction that’s affecting a bank account.

Click on Customer → Transactions and then after selecting particular payment click on cancel payment. System will cancel even if it done from Bank.

Please check your Bank Reconciliation statement.

Is this already reconciled??

Please check your Bank Reconciliation statement.

Is this already reconciled?? then clear it.