Unable to apply vendor ledger entries

Hi, This is on Navision 3.70. When I do application from Vendor Ledger Entries, I select a posted payment entry, chose Application then Apply-Entries. Choose an invoice then set-applies to ID, Choose the payment then Set-applies to ID. Then POST application. On the application window both amount and Applied amount have values and balance is 0. I received an error “The application was successfully posted though no entries has been applied.” After the application, both my payment entry and the invoices are still open. Any ideas? Thanks, Trin

Could it be that both entries are in different currencies and you do not have the option in the P&P setup set to allow application for foreign currencies ?

Oh yes, and two more stupid question : Are you sure that both entries balance to zero in the application form after setting the “Applies-to ID” ?? Are both “Applies-to ID” the same ?

Hi, Both entries balance to zero in the application form after setting the “Applies-to ID” and both Applied-to ID fields have the same ID . This application was posted when I set the Apply-to ID in certain order. And leave the cursor on the applied entry before post. Thanks,

My memory tells me of an issue in 3.70 in the UK where when you applied a payment to more than one invoice, or maybe one invoice, the posting would fail to post depending upon where the focus remained on the lines. Something like that anyway! Esentially go back to the payment and then post the application was the “workaround” (or vice a versa depending upon which way around it was!).