Unable to add an action to a page

Hi everyone,

I am trying to add an action to a list page to print a report.
The page already contains an ActionContainer of type RelatedInformation.
I added an ActionContainer of type Reports, included an ActionGroup Print, and then my action with my report as RunObject (see attached image)


Promoted=Yes, PromotedCategory=Report,PromotedIsBig=Yes
The problem is when I run the page, it is not visible (when I preview the report, it is there).
What is possibly going wrong?

Thanks in advance :mrgreen:

which version are you using?

Nothing Wrong in your process.Can you please check visible property of an Action once?

and clarify one more thing if you run the list page only action is missing or Total Report Tab is missing mean not displayed?

Your process is Correct.



The problem is solved, I just wanted to share the solution with you…

The solution is to delete User personalization for me as a user (Departments/Administration/IT Administration/Data Deletion/Configuration and Personalization/Delete User Personalization)

This being done, I got my action in the page [:)]

and also check Enabled Property of Action Group toooo…

hooooooo nice