Unable to access DB

Hi all! I need some help here. In Nav4 SQL, 2 Db have been created: one for Test and the real one. On each of them, there are 2 companies. Users have also been created. Now here are problems. 1. I am unable to save Regional parameters of the Navision connexion. I made a modification ( change date settings to French canadian). when i get out and I connect to Navision , settings are still related to English Canadian. It 's important for me because I need to have date as JJ/MM/YYYY instead of MM/JJ/AAAA as it is now. 2. Users in real DB have not all acess to Test Db, why??? Thanks for help.

Default date formats are stored in your windows regional settings, not in navision, and have no connection to the language you select, so look at the settings of the client computer. With permissions you probably have set the user permissions at the company level, and thus the test company does not have any permission. If so this is very easy to fix. Go to Permissions and filter on the Live comapny permissions. Copy all, then change the filter to filter on the Test company (there will probably be no records,) and paste, the new pasted records will be for the new company. If you need a more detailed explanation, please post in the beginer forum, and I will go through it step by step, sinc ethis is Navision 101.

Hi david! 1. I did what you said but even if i change the windows regional settings , it does not accept changes … 2. You we’re right , permissions were missing in the Test DB. Now it’s correct. Thanks for the help.

Then probably someone has “hard coded” the date formats on those fields. Probably by putting a “Format” property. If this si the case then you would have to un hard code them. Try just craeting a simple form put a date control on it, and see if the format changes when you change regional settings.

OK I will try that. Thanks