unable change password in navision csideclient


anyone can help me solve this issue in Navision Client. When i login to navision Cside Client then go to Tools - Security - Password, but i cant change password there, as there password column show grey colour. anyone can help?

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I hope you are using Database Authentication For changing the password from Na vision.

If you are using database authentication then you can change the password but if you are using windows authentication then you need to change it from domain /ADS/Windows

Hi Amol,

Thanks your reply.

I am using Database Authentication login to navision Cside Client. But the problem is when i would like to change password, i found out Tools Tab - Security - Password there like Grey colour, unable select it to change password.

Do you have the super role permission to change the password.

No need to have the Super role only.

You can assign 5830- System permission to your existing permissions.

Did you login with Database authentication or Windows Authentication while trying to change?

Is there any company policy or IT policy that user should not change the password from Navision it self.

i have try both of it to change. Navision password column there still show grey colour.

My company didn’t set any policy and my company staff all can change password in Navsion Cside client, only one person cant change and show the grey colour. I can’t change the staff password in SQL as we don’t want know what password staff use.

Are you using Roles & Permissions?

If yes, check whether one of role has permission per above system ID

all setting same with other staff, nothing different.

Did you try by synchrinizing the user?

Have you tried on other machine.

hi all,

apologize late reply.


yes. but problem persist.


i use the account and password in other machine, the problem is same.

Sounds like something is different

Try login with User id 'SA" and check

looks like you are missing some thing.

What role is assigned to you & other user please specify.