Un- Ship transfer order in Ax 2012

Dear All,

I have a problem in a transfer order the status of this order is shipped , so I can’t receive this order because one of the items in this order reserved the needed quantity from an empty batch .

I can’t change this batch now because the status of the order is shipped .

any help will be appreciated

Have you tried the registration option and then receipt?


I tried it but I have the same error , I think the error may be solved if I can un ship the quantity or change the batch that is used for the related item.

but also I tried to change the batch but it say u cannot change the batch cause the status of the order is shipped.

this the situation

thx for help

You will need a developer to look at it - once shipped you cannot un-ship (although you might be able to in more recent versions I have not checked) so you need to receive it and correct, but you cannot receive so the order is stuck.

dear adamroue ,

can u help me to find such code to solve this problem


Nope, I am not a developer :slight_smile: