Un Apply Enties

I would like to Un Apply Enties. Here is what happens. 1)Post Invoices. 2)Post Cash Receipt Journal. 3)Post Application. How does one go about reversing step 3 ?

Hello Wayne, I presume you are using Version 4 of Navision. To unapply an allocation you need to view the customers ledger entries, once there you need to select either the Invoice or Payment which have been applied. You then select Functions, Unapply Entries. This will present you with the entries which were applied.You then select unapply entries. Easy Remember transactions must be unapplied in the order they were applied and you can’t unapply entries which have been reversed. Hope this helps. Regards

Only do it in version 4.0 [:D] This functionality is not available in earlier versions. [:D] Sorry posted before Paul’s was live [:D]

Sorry if this is too commercial, but FYI: For North America, Liberty Grove Software has enhancement for sale to allow Unapply in Versions before 4.0. Can also handle Void of Payment in V3.7. If someone wants further info, email me.