UCC Net - An EDI replacement?

Anyone out there having to deal with UCC Net? We are in the early learning stage. For those who haven’t heard of it, UCC Net appears to an attempt to set a global standard for trading standard business data such as a purchase order. You register your inventory and later begin trading documents with trading partners…sounds like EDI eh? I wouldn’t be sad if it is intended to replace EDI since EDI is configured trading partner by trading partner…UCC Net is a true standard. There are some very big players involved like P&G, Home Depot, Lowes and Coke. We’re looking for a software interface for Navision. Would this be BizTalk? I know UCC Net is XML based…but thats about all the technical info I have at this point. We also have an outside company coming in that did an install for another company (non-Navision user). I hope to learn a lot from this but I was hoping another Navision user out there has or is having to deal with this. Thanks in advance for any input.

UCC.net(USA) and ECC.net(Canada) is not a replacement for EDI it is meant to complement EDI and other data exchanges with vendors… You load and update your product information to the “.net” and then they take this information and read it into there systems… This method for updating and providing new product information is meant to speed the time to market and change managment of your company’s SKU with suppliers… http://www.eccc.org/ProductRegistry/index.asp?langid=e&pageid=main For more information about Canada… Robert

Thanks Robert. Have you or have you heard of anyone writing a dataport or some sort of “interface” for this purpose? Believe it or not, I spoke with another company and they spent $28,000 (U.S.) on a software package and implementation. Of course, they don’t have Navision so they had to tie this package into their business system and a couple of Access databases. We won’t have this complexity, but I’m just trying to see if there is something out there already created for Navision. Thanks for you input.

I might be a good idea for some companies but we only have about 20 sku’s (GTIN’s) and they don’t change very often… We are just going to be using the WEB interface and inputting the products manually… If I can ask what retail chains are you dealing with??? How many Sku’s… Robert

In the hardware industry: Home Depot & Expo, Lowes, Ace, TruServ, Do-It Best, Sears Great Indoors. Other retail includes Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Linen’s N Things, Kohl’s, many others. We’re looking at at least 720 sku’s likely within the next year. We’re in the same boat as you in the immediate future…approx 40 sku’s in the next 2-3 months. But most of the big players in the retail industry are looking at it…because it makes a lot of sense. I’ll post again after we meet with this software vendor and I have a better idea of what we’re looking at.

Bed Bath & Beyond is one of our EDI customers. I haven’t heard much about this but it sounds like something I will have to keep an eye on. Thanks in advance for your updates. Is one of your customers forcing you to use this service or are you just trying to get a leg up?

Home Depot is supposed to have a mandatory date. I’ve heard both 1/1/04 and 4/1/04. Seems like systems people are the last to know but the first to fix it… On another note, do you use Lanham’s EDI package? It would be nice to have someone to share information with for customers we both supply. For example, how are you handling the new Bed Bath routing requirement to sepate pallet weight on the Bill of Lading? We are having a custom EDI out field written that pulls from the Lanham BOL information lines table… Just curious what you’re doing.


Home Depot is supposed to have a mandatory date. I’ve heard both 1/1/04 and 4/1/04.

I have seen both dates also… I think there was alot of confusion about how to get started depending upon which retail chains (CDN/USA) your products are sold in… For example… I can register directly in Canada because our products are only sold in Canada and then they get replicated in the US/World database for future… We are currently only doing this for HDepot but other Hardline retail chains will adopt this process I’m sure… As for the EDI we wrote a custom application which creates the EDI 810’s weekly and then we send them using Sterling Commerce… I will most likely write a custom interface for recieving 850’s in the new year or look at changing the logic to use the Biztalk interface to read in and output the data required . Not really sure yet but will see… We’ve only been using Navision since April 03 and there still lot’s of reports to write… Robert