two subforms based on 1 main form

Hello, I have a problem with two subforms. Let me try to explain. I have one main form (based on Rec1). I also have two subforms (both based Rec2) : Subform 1 (based on rec2) and Subform 2 (based on rec2) Now, when i change my record in subform 1. I also have to change to the same record in subform 2. Has somebody got a solution ? Greetings Steve

Hi, maybe you can make form with one subform (subform 1), which has another subform inside (subform 2)…

Hi, A sub-form within a sub-form i not possible, sorry. Updating the main-form poperly should do the trick. Try searching for ‘Mainform update’, and you’ll find a lot of topics on this subject. regards, Alexander

Not too sure if this would work but you could give it a try. Write a Function in your subform to go to a specific record. Call this function for both the Subforms. To set the correct view.

I have done a form with two sub-forms on in the past with little difficulty, you merely need to ensure that the “Sub-form link” property is set correctly on each sub-form control. Very NB!! Ensure that the keys used by the sub forms are set to keys that include the fields used in the “Sub-form link” property remember that the “Sub-form link” property is much like a filter and so the update speed is affected by the correct use of keys.