Two sub forms in a card form

hi friends

i have two sub forms both are placed in the card form and both sub forms are linked to the card .when i am clicking the fist subform line then second sub form should show the relevent details to the sub form one how can i do this



This is semi-possible in NAV.

There are some example “solutions” for this problem - but they don’t work terribly well. In general, however, I would call this bad NAV design.


I had a case, where I had to show information in such a way. As suggested, the design to put this all in one Form did not work too well. What I did was to create on new Form with a subform in it, and then link this with a Menu Button to the Main form (like on the Customer Form the link to Bank Account).

As said before it would present some challenges …However have a look at Form 521 -Application Worksheet -maybe it will give you some ideas.


nikolas thank you. i need the same thing which exsist in from 521 thanx a lot again