Two Currency Rates - Sell Rate and Purchase Rate

We have a NAV 2009 DB and we have two currency exchange rates we use.
We have a Sell Rate and a Purchase Rate.

The problem: The system is double applying both currency rates and giving BOTH rate adjustments to our customers. This is not good.

  • The Parts Sell rate is what we sell to the customer at, for example USP of 1.2866 - the adjustment is applied to the sell amount at the time of sale.
  • And a Purchase Rate that we purchase parts at of USD of 1.27 (We purchase parts at this rate) for example, when we purchase parts from the US we apply the 1.27% rate.

Example: When we import the parts catalog with pricing, the system applies either a Sell or Purchase rate when we sell or buy a part. We don’t know when but the system started applying BOTH rates when we sell, in effect giving US customers a double discount.

If the part list price is $19.15 it would apply the USD rate of 1.27% and then the USP rate of 1.2866% for a total price of $11.71. But the price should only be $14.88.

Does anyone know how this should work, or why it’s applying both the Sell Rate and Purchase rate on the parts catalog pricing?


Base NAV 2009 does not have a field called Purch. Currency Code. This was a customization by your NAV Partner who implemented you. I would contact them to correct the issue.



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So is “Purchase Currency Code” just renamed? Should the field function as the buy currency code, vs the Sell currency code?
Does Microsoft have “good” documentation on the fields and their functions for any version of NAV/BC?
I’m finding it impossible to find good docs on functionality for any version of NAV.

thank you, Mia


The image you provided looks like a custom field and functionality. Base BC/NAV does not have these field. Do you know your Partner to ask about the fields?

As for Microsoft and currency documentation, basic FX processing and fields there are good manuals and if needed I can send you one.


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