Turning Off All Reports to Users

Currently, all reports in all modules are available to every user. Users for my company should have access just to some reports. How do I stop access to ALL the reports and then grant permission to the users for just the reports pertinent to them? I am the only superuser. Thanks…

In the ALL group in permissions, there is a line something like Report 0. You need to remove this line. This will then not allow anyone access to any reports. Hope it helps.

You can remove the permissions from the ALL group so then no body will be able to run the reports. But I would like to ask why. If the user does not have access to read the data then he cannot access the Data meaning he will get an error either when he Preview it or print it.

Hi Prashanth, it is very common to have a scenario where different users have different views of the same data. For example, warehouse staff may have access to view a purcahse order, but not to print a confirmation with prices on it. Both still access the same data.

Certain reports will be granted to users, but not all should be available.