Truncate decimal places

I Have this amount 112,7595 I need to print this amount in my report like 112,75.

I pretend truncate last 2 decimal places without ROUND value.

How can I do That?


Hi , you can use the format function .


I tryed this


and the resultas returns X= 112,7595

I pretend X=112,75

If we try FORMAT(ROUND(X,0.01),0,2) return X=112,76 and i don’t want this result :frowning:


a := FORMAT(12.2323,0,’<Precision,2>’);

Take a look at the DIV operator. There’s a bit of documentation in NAV, and a lot more elsewhere on the web. It’s a pretty handy method for doing what you’re after.

NOP… your solution around value to 2 decimal places 12,7579 becames 12,76 :frowning:

What about


Thanks Mohana

This work’s ok