Troubleshoot AX 2012 check printing

Hi All,

We are facing issue with configuring cheque printout in AX 2012. We have setup check format and payment methods for a cheque payment.

When I pay a vendor invoice using a cheque payment, payment is generated and the cheque number is updated but the generated cheque is not displayed on screen. I have already set the print destination as screen.

Steps I followed:

1.Accounts payable > open vendor invoices

  1. select vendor invoice and click payment voucher payment to settle. Payment method :cheque

4.Click generate payments. set print destination as screen(or printer) and ok.

The payment is generated and the check number is also updated on payment journal but the check is not printed on screen.

However I am able to print a copy of the cheque.

Please let me know if I am missing something.

i don’t know the exact fix, but i will comment that almost everyone I’ve talked to has struggled with setting up Check payments. It’s just a pain…

Again sorry I can’t comment on the fix, but i can commiserate with you a little bit on the issue.