Triggering On-Validate from within On-Validate

Hi all! The following problem has presented itself to me. The table defines steps with a 2 digit step number. Substeps (within the same phase) are defined with a 5 digit step number. The client wants to add or subtract from the values of the substeps from the main step. I’ve placed the following code in the On-Validate trigger of the appropriate field (“Run Time Each”). But when the value of Run Time Each changes in the main step, two other fields in that record need to change. These are triggered by the last 4 lines of the trigger code. Everything is working fine, except that the fields that are supposed to change in the main step are not being changed (the two fields are being updated when the record is entered in the substep). Any help would be greatly appreciated. IF STRLEN(FORMAT(“Step No.”)) = 5 THEN BEGIN __ JobRouter4.SETCURRENTKEY(“Job No.”, Phase, “Step No.”); __ COPYFILTER(“Job No.”, JobRouter4.“Job No.”); __ JobRouter4.SETFILTER(Phase, Phase); __ IF JobRouter4.FIND(’-’) THEN BEGIN ____ IF (xRec.“Run Time Each” < “Run Time Each”) THEN BEGIN ______ JobRouter4.“Run Time Each” := JobRouter4.“Run Time Each” - (“Run Time Each” - xRec.“Run Time Each”); ______ IF JobRouter4.“Run Time Each” < 0 THEN BEGIN ________ JobRouter4.“Run Time Each” := 0; ______ END; ____ END ____ ELSE BEGIN ______ IF xRec.“Run Time Each” > “Run Time Each” THEN BEGIN ________ JobRouter4.“Run Time Each” := JobRouter4.“Run Time Each” + (xRec.“Run Time Each” - “Run Time Each”); ______ END; ____ END; JobRouter4.MODIFY; JobRouter4.VALIDATE(“Run Time Each”); __ END; END; JobT.GET(“Job No.”); “Total Run Time” := “Run Time Each” * JobT.“Job Qty Ordered”; {???} “Total Prodctn Hrs.” := “Total Run Time” + “Setup Time”; JobManagerLibrary.CalcAllStepFields(Rec,xRec);