Treat Comma and Period as Decimal Seperator in Decimal Fields

I have a problem, our users are not able to locate the correct decimal separator with their fingers on the keyboard. In our country the comma (,) is used as decimal separation and a valid decimal number looks something like this:


But, our users always press the period instead of the comma and enter something like this:


and navision reformats this to


and the users do not notice their mistakes, which results to wrong data.

I now want to set up the AutoFormatExpr that it does not matter if the user uses a comma or a period sign for the decimal separation.

Hi Daniel,

I think the reason you haven’t had any replies is that this is not really a NAV problem. What do you do in Excel etc.?

Even if you could reprogram the behavior using autoformatting or similar, then you would have to do it EVERYWHERE in the system.

So as a old NAV end-user trainer, then the only suggestion I can give you is to try to teach your users how to use their computer keyboard. Otherwise I suggest that you instead are looking into reprogramming their keyboard. Sounds easier to me! [:)]

Thank you. I’ve chosen a text-datatype driven solution for specific fields. Not all departments have this problem that people are not careful enough, only some of them (e.g. warehouse) and not all fields are critical.

At the end there are only two hand full fields definitly affected and I will replace the decimal fields in the pages by text fields and parse the input by code and then convert them into a decimal datatype. However I have to relinquish some features like automatic value limitations and stuff, but that’s a smaller issue than wrong undetected values in the database.

Happy to hear that you found a solution. :slight_smile: