Travel Requisition In EP


I am Creating new entry of travel Requisition in EP after complete fill of header information when i click on Add New Expense on Estimated expenses tab Requesting worker field will be blanked … again i filled it and click on save and close again when go to view the requsition Requesting Worker is blank. … what is the problem ?

please check if your user is connected to the worker or not on the user relation

Hello Kunal,

I have enter attach the worker in User Relation But now when i select that specific user in Requesting Worker it show me an error Value Muhammad Arshad is not valid

Hello Salman,

please filter with worker when you are selecting the user relation, refer below image

Hi Kunal,

I have done the same steps but same issue occur

check in the worker history if for current company record is there or not

  1. Go To Human Resources/Common/Workers/Employees
  2. In Action-TAB “Worker” click “Employment History”
  3. Create a Record for your current company

Hi Kunal,

Can you explain me what is the relation of error “Value ‘Muhammad Arshad’ is not valid” with worker’s Employment History .

‘Muhammad Arshad’ is you current worker and it must have the employment with current legal entity

Hi Kunal,

I have checked in Employment History record already exist in current company