Transportation of goods from # legal entities

Hi all,

Is there a way to handle transportation of goods that are coming from # Legal Entity in D365F&O ?

i.e: Customer orders item ABC and item EFG.

Item ABC is coming from entity A; Item EFG is coming from entity B. entity A and entity B are not far from each other.

Transportation of item ABC and item EFG should be done to fulfill the customer sales order.

how do we handle that in the system ?

A sales order is always in a single company, therefore you either need two orders, or the customer orders everything from a single company and this company will obtain all necessary items. For example, you’ll create a sales order in legal entity A, which will buy item EFG from legal entity B.

How, is the question, is one LE a distribution hub or is this independent demand? How do you get the supplying legal entity etc. Martin is correct, you would need two orders and to know the source LE and then you would transport indepently, however I feel your quesion is more about consolidation and this is less what D365FO can do and more about how the business wants to work.

Thanks Martin. In fact i need some sort of consolidation or planing of transportaion accross all LE

Hi Adam,

you<re right. I need to consolidate those work and consolidate in ONE transportation all my requirements .How can we achieve that É

It does not really work like that though does it? You cannot have a central transportation management dealing with US, UK, India, Australia, there is no point, everything is different, the pick up points, rates, carriers etc. If you want a distribution hub then you need intercompany planning, all elements are “sold” out of one LE and therefore all goods are transported to that LE and then transport is managed from there. You might have regional hubs, not global.

Lets reverse this, what is the actual requirements, georgraphy counts, so it is not entity A and B, if it is then B supplies A and A ships everthing, nice and simple intercompany setup.

Hi Adam,

In fact, beause i am dealing with # legal entities where i can buy the same product, i need te be able to consolidate my transportaion.

I have company A; B and C. Only Company A can buy from external suppliers or from the other legal entities. Company B and C need to have milk so company A will buy it and the transportation needs to be done and invoice should also be consolidated.

So let say, an external customer needs 500lbs of Milk. The sales order is sent to company A. Because the production is done ine comany B, an interco needs to be created between A and B to produce that quantity. Same scenario with company C.

So how can i setup the system so i can manage transportation from all those entities to my final customer ?

  • In each company, a transportation should be done to move goods from farm to warehouse.

  • All those companies are in the same area.

  • Company A is the company that deliver the goods to the final customer.

  • Some fees must be added by the broker

Hope it’s more clear