Translate Dynamics NAV Custom Object Into Other Languages

Translate Dynamics NAV Custom Object Into Other Languages Using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Merge Tool


Install Appropriate Dynamics NAV Language Pack.

Install Dynamics NAV Merge Tool

  1. Highlight and Export Dynamics NAV Custom Objects To be Translated, From The Dynamics NAV Development Environment In Text Format.

Dynamics NAV Development Environment → File → Export


  1. Import the Exported Custom Objects In Dynamics NAV Merge Tool.

Merge Tool → Versions → Import Object Text File


  1. Create ENU Captions for the Object Controls (Fields and Labels) After Successful Import

MergeTool → Versions → Navigate → Create ENU Captions → Create/Export With Language

  1. Back To NAV Import The Newly Created ENU Captions

  1. Compile and Then Export the Translations

  2. Back To Merge Tool, Import the Translations, Ensure Language Code Is ENU

  1. Next, Translation Token → Create new Languages From ENU

  1. Select everything To be Translated, Click NO on next dialog

  1. Pick from available languages, Click Ok

  1. Selected languages are created and displayed

  1. Filter on newly created languages and COPY ROWS

  1. Paste copied rows in Excel

  1. Copy the cell to be translated and paste same in google translate

  1. Copy the translated text from the browser and overwrite the cells in excel

  1. Highlight all the columns with data in excel and copy back to merge tool to overwrite filtered rows

  1. Click ok to close translation tokens

  1. Export translated file in merge tool

  1. Import same translation file into dynamics nav development environment

  2. After importing translation file, compile and open one of the objects and check the result of translation.