Transit warehouse

Hi everyone,

in AX 2012 R3, when I have the stock in the transit warehouse, is there an option to go back and move the stock to the source warehouse without receiving the stock in the destination warehouse?


Are you trying to cancel the transfer order? What’s the business case for this?


Hi Jake,

the scenario is that some of the stock in transit is not required by the depot to which I’m sending the stock. For that reason, I want move some of the stock from the transit warehouse to the source warehouse without posting that quantity at the destination.

So as an example you have sent some stock to a depot, it has been transported to the airport, gone through customs, it is on a plane across the Atlantic and you want to take 5 of the 20 back? I understand this is not the example you are going for, but once it has been shipped and it is in transit it has gone, it has to go somewhere else and come back, there is an argument that the delivery is refused, but this is internal, it is a transfer order.

I dont believe with transfer orders you have any choice, you need to receive something that is shipped, then create a transfer order to bring the stock back. It is the way (unfortunately) they have designed it.

I agree with Steve. Once shipped the product must be received and reconciled. Can you you only ship what is required? Does the material truly go out the door? If so it has to be received by the destination and returned to keep inventory correct at both locations. The best answer would be only to ship what they intended to receive.