Transfere date from due date in release production order to consumption journal error

Hi guys i want to ask you one question I have released production order with due date 02/02/12 i want to change date in consumption journal as this day meaning also i want to change consumption to date 02/02/12 after make calc consumption my problem is it come as date today in consumption journal as date 23/02/13 how i make this release order due date is 02/02/12 consumption journal it come after calc consumption to 23/02/2013 and out put journal also so that what i need is change it as release production order I make global variable then assign it to text box and put it in on open form trigger but it not work thanks

Yes want to post Consumption journal and output journal with today’s date or due date on Released Prod. Order?

With due date

While Calculating Consumption Journal, you can enter posting date as Due Date

for OutPut Journal, you need to customize…

In out put journal i go to table item journal line i want to change this statement in code “Posting Date” := WORK DATE ; to “Posting Date” := specified date found in due date are this possible how i change

in OnRun Trigger you should get the released Prod. Order No. and assing the Due Date to a global variable.

Validate Posting Date with above global variable in InsertOutputJnlLine function.

Can you clear this more if possible i make global variable but i dont know which place i can assign and

also on run trigger found on table or form can you show me more clear if possible help me


Codeunit 5406-Output Jnl.-Expl. Route

I go to code unit then create global variable in it as due_date then in on run trigger in code unit i write

due_date:=due date;

on insertoutputjniline function write following

ItemJnlLine.VALIDATE(“posting date”,due_date);

are this true

You need to get Released Prod. Order in OnRun Trigger and then

due_date:=ReleasedProdOrder.“due date”;

I defined record variable in global variables as ReleaseProduction

then write

due_date:=ReleasedProdOrder.“due date”;

this line in above productionline.reset

then as mentioned before i write

in function insertoutputjniline i added like this

ItemJnlLine.VALIDATE(“Posting Date”,due_date);

after statment

ItemJnlLine.VALIDATE(“Prod. Order Line No.”,ProdOrderLineNo);

when i select production order no in output journal posting date also come as date today(work date) no changes

now what is the problem and how i solve


Where diod you get Prod. Order before assigning to Global variable?

I dont get prod.order before assigning in global variable i dont know how.

itry to execute this steps by using releaseproduction.get(“No”)

but it give me error in code in output journal so that i delete it

but the source i send to it no have assigning before

Please read help documents how to use GET/SETRANGE/SETFILTER functions…

if possible can you tell me how and i will apply i m sorry to ask you more but help me in this point

if possible


I just noticed that no need to get Prod. Order…You can assign

Due Date := ProdOrderLine.“Due Date”; after below code

IF NOT ProdOrderLine.FIND(’-’) THEN

Thank you mohana very very much