Transfer Orders Generated from Req Worksheet with variant codes

I have noticed that if I have a location with stock for a particular variant that if a transfer order is suggested as part of the requisition worksheet planning that the transfer order generated doesn’t detail from and to pick locations despite the fact tat both locations use bins and te stock is in a bin. Can anyone explain why this is as I don’t understand. Thanks

is it directed but away?

go to item card, press item==>bin content, do you have bin content created for this item?

Yes I do any ideas ?


in this case in bins will not be shown the transfer order, you have to create a warehouse shipment.

then from the warehouse shipment create a PICK.

in the warehouse pick you will see the bin number to pick from

you can do that from transfer order itself. press functions create whse shipment and so

Ok thanks but this is inconsistent when compared with item transfers with no variant as they do show the Transfer from bin so why not so the Transfer to bin ??


try creating a bin content for this specific variant, from item card==> item==>bin content, and use it in TO.

if this works, you can create bin content from “bin content creation worksheets” for all variants