Transfer Orders for Assembly Items

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There are some items with Assembly to order. How do we do transfer order for the item components ?

Plus can an item be Assembly to order and keep stock of assembled qty as well ?


To handle the Transfer Order of components, for each component Item you will need a Stockkeeping Unit (SKU) setup for both Locations, where it is coming from (Transfer Location) and where it is going to (Assembly Location). This will require a Transfer Route exists from the Transfer Location to the Assembly Location. Next you will set the Component’s Assembly Location SKU’s Replenishment System to Transfer. The Transfer Location’s replenishment can be set to however it is handled, likely purchase. The result is when you create an Assembly Order for the Finished Good, it will create demand for the Components, which will trigger a Transfer Order to bring them in.

Regarding the ATO and keep stock, that is not possible using Assemble to Order. You could however use Assemble to Stock and a Lot-for-Lot Reordering Policy. The shorter the Lot Accumulation the more likely it will be for single orders. This would allow you to over-assemble, or build to an Economic Order Quantity when demand occurs. This change would create a separate Assembly Order, and you would need to Post Output prior to shipping the Sales Order as the two will be linked but still stand alone orders. If you have multiple Orders on a given day for the same Item, the system would group that demand into a single supply Assembly Order.

Hope this helps. If you have more questions, I highly encourage you to reach out to your Partner for a more detailed training session on MRP options and Assembly Management setup.

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