Transfer Order Status

Dear All,

I have issue with transfer order in LS Retail 2009. I sent the transfer order from head office to store. Store manager receive the transfer order but the problem is transfer order is status is not updated and items are moved from in-transit location to location, du to this problem the acknowledgement is not coming back to head office, so the item are still showing in store in-transit. Anyone have idea how to fix the problem.



Hi Rizwan

Thanks for posting this issue…Even i am struck with the same problem where there is a huge quantity on In-Transit location…Seems its an inherent problem with LS retail. The quantity on In-transit is happening only on HO Db and stores DB is fine…Also this is affecting the COGS and inventory account…

Dear Venkhatanarayanan,

Is there is any solution for this particular problem.


I am working on it. Once i get the solution, will post it here