transfer order shipment error

Using AX V4 - When trying to ship a transfer order I am getting the following error: cannot receive quantity x because inventory transactions with status ordered, arrived or registered are insufficient. I do not get this on all transnfer orders, but on most. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Do not select the auto-receive on the shipment, then run the receipt process - what happens then?

Thanks Adam,

I came to know one more new functionality Auto receive is available in AX .

Can you explain what will happen if user select the Auto - Receive ?

It receives the stock at the destination warehouse at the point of shipment removing time lag for in-transit items.

Auto select is not checked. The update = picked qty and I have the edit and explode boxes checked. When I get the error, I go pack to shipment, change the status from picked qty to “all” and uncheck the explode box and it will work. I am wanting to avoid doing that extra step if possible.

Auto receive?? Where can I find it?

Auto receive? Where can I find the set up?

Transfer order - > Posting - > Ship transfer order - > General tab - >Auto receive

Have you registered the pick? The message is indicating it is trying to receive the stock, which it could be in the in-transit warehouse. I am presuming you manually entered the transfer order and it was not imported and there are no modifications in this area?

Yes, the pick list has been posted and the pick list registration has been updated. Yes, we use an intransit warehouse and yes the orders are manually entered. What I have found is that the stock does actually move if you look at your inquriies on hand and transactions, but along with getting the error message, the status of the transfer order will not change to Shipped unless I go back and add the extra step. I, of course, have to do this so that I can complete the Receive step later on.

I would suggest from what you have said that there is a modification at work here. If hte shipment is based upon the picking list which is registered and on the edit lines you can see the picked line then nothing is wrong. I would try it without the explode - why are you doing this? The explode will split the lines shown based upon teh reserved dimensions, but I am not sure why you would be getting an error there. I presume your intransit has locations set if you location control the item?

I do not have a good reason why we are checking the explode box other than it was in our instructions. I will try a few without doing that and see if they go through. Yes, our intransit has locations.

The explode is adding nothing for you, so I would suggest trying it without, and if it works not select it again!

I will try that and see how it works. Thanks!