Transfer Order AX-2012 R2

Dear All

I am using transfer order functionality to transfer the item from one warehouse to another. (Periodic>transfer order)

My concern is after posting the transfer order all option disabled for posting in transfer order header.

Any suggestions.


Ali Danish


Its not clear from your post, what you have posted. Whether its Picking list, Ship transfer order or Receive?.

If you have posted Picking list,

  1. Check Use Consolidated Picking option is enabled for the Item or Warehouse or Item Model group,

a. At Item level : Manage Inventory–> Warehouse Items–> Locations tab


b. At Warehouse level: Inventory and Warehouse Management


c. At Item Model Group–>Setup–>Warehouse Management Section

If any one of the above is Yes,

  1. You need to create a Shipment for your TO from Inventory Management–>Common–>Shipments

  2. Activate Picking from Functions Menu for the above created shipment

  3. Go to Pickinglist Registration from Inventory Management–> Periodic

  4. Select the Consolidated Picking check box, and select your order and complete the Picking list Registration

  5. Now come back to your TO, Shipment posting will be enabled.



Thanks my last issues has been solved.

Now I am trying to receive the shipment I sent through transfer order. While posting the receiving for transfer order I am getting the following error.

Inventory dimension Location must be specified.

Kindly advise.


Ali Danish