Transfer Matrix Table data to Report

hi all experts,

any method to transfer matrix table to be printed out in report?

No direct method.

hi luc,

like what you mention there’s no direct method, so i tried to get data from dimension buffer and pass it to my report during run time, still failed… :frowning:


I have no clue what you are trying to achieve so please give more details.

Regarding the Dimension Buffer table. As the name says: it’s a buffer table which does not contain any data, it’s only used so create a record variable that sets up/is a temporary table. This temp table will only contain data if your code puts data in it. The data will only be in this temp table (i.e. in RAM) during the execution of the code. After that it’s gone.

hi luc,

i am to create a report similar to Acc. Schedule but this is for P&L analysis dimension…

-Acc.Schedule Form(Form ID 490: Acc. Schedule Overview) able to generate Report ID:25,Account Schedule in functions> Print.

-Likewise in Form ID554: Analysis by Dimensions I would like to generate a report, same layout as report Account Schedule too… but unfortunately Form 554 uses Dimension Buffer as a source table.

So you have to make sure that, when running your new report, the buffer table is populated with the data you want to display, like this buffer table is populated on form 554.

hi luc,

there’s a little confusing here, in form 554 (Analysis By Dimensions) there’s a functions call export to excel, which call out other codeunit 424 (Export Analysis View), when i take a look at the codeunit, there’s no variable of type Dimension Code Buffer [:(]