Transfer Journal

Hi Experts,
Whenever we post transfer journal if any error ouccr than errors shows and transaction goes to initial mode.
i.e. error occur dialog box open and operation cancelled.
When we click on transfer errors in another journal, it can perform any operation.
If any items has not any error it must be post ,and remaining must be move in the another journal.



On the post there is one tick box called “Transfer All Posting Errors to a New Journal”. On some for you this is ticked, on others it is not.

Hi Adam ,

We have done as per you instructed . But it does not work ,if any error occur ,system shows error , but those items is not post which have not any error.

But in my testserver it works properly . Is there any more setup related to this journal .

It cannot post with an error - there is no way in AX you can post journals with errors - there is no way to correct them so why would you do it. Your testserver is either showing you something that is not an error and you are comparing it to an error, or it has been modified to work differently - give us an example of an error processed in teh test server and not in the live, it is probably data related.

I guess he was writing that this check box function does not work. Even when you check it, the journal is simply not being posted and the errors are not transferred to another journal, while one would expect the correct lines to be posted while the incorrect ones to be transferred to another journal. He is also wondering if there is more setup connected to this option which is maybe missing?

I’ve got the same problem when trying to post production picking lists in AX 2009.