Transfer Items

Hi! I want to transfer one article from one storageplace to another. Therefor i insert a record into table 83 per codeunit and call the codeunit 22 to book the record. Sometimes something misterious happens. In table 32 two records should be inserted, but in some cases only one record is inserted. Only the record with negative volume is written. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance, Frank

The error lies in the definition: As you write: “Therefor i insert a record in table 83”… In fact you have to insert TWO records one with negative amount and one for the positive amount: You take away items from Stock A and add then to stock B. Marcus

Thanks for your answer Fabian, But its ok, when you insert only one record. There are fields called “Stock” and “New Stock”. And there’s an optionfield (in german called “Postenart”, i don’t know the english word) which you set to “Transfer”. Then you can call codeunit 241 (sorry, not 22) to book this record and two records are automatically inserted in table 32 with the same “Postenart”: Transfer. At first the record with negative amount, then one with the positive amount. Sometimes only the first one is written. But why? Greetings Frank

Are you sure the field “Operation Type” of the record in table 83 is equal to “Transfer”? It’s similar you’re posting “Negative Adjustment”. So it doesn’t matter the value of the field “New Location Code” and you’ll get only one entry in table 32.

Hi constis, Yes, i’m sure of using the right Operation Type. The Operation Type of the written record in table 32 is equal to “Transfer”! The Problem is that it does not happen every time i call this function, only sometimes. Greetings Frank

What can I say? It’s impossible :-))). Check the changes in codeunit 22 since standard version.