Transfer data from one table to another table

Hi Expert,

I have a table in the name of CatoNavInt and the fields are Cato Medication ID,Order No, Customer No, Date & Time,

Item No, Batch No, and quantity.

Now I degine a another table in that fields are Entry No, OrderNo, Item No, Batch No and Qyantity.

But Problem is when I Transfer data from first table Then datahave to come in another table with a certain format i.e

All Same OrderNo, Item No, Batch No comes in a one line and quantity is total of the quantity.

I hope you understand what i ask you.

Thanks and pls reply me fast


Hey Avinash,

If this is something you have to do from time to time, then I would suggest you to create a report for the purpose.
This has to loop through data in 1. table, and then create (or modify) the records in 2. table accordingly.

Or if this is something you only need to once, you could copy data from 1. table to Excel, and have Pivot-func. do the summation for me. [:)]
Then import it through dataport or something like that.