Transaction Does not Balance on Stock Transfer (Indian Localization) AX 2009 SP1

I am trying to post a Stock Transfer entry from Transfer Order (in Periodic, Inventory Management). Qty of item to be shipped is 1.89 and Cost price of item is 2.89. On posting system gives me the following error

  1. The transaction does not balance.

  2. Error in unit of amount in currency INR. Must be rounded to X.

  3. The unit of 5.67 (if I multiply 1.89 with 2.89 it comes as 5.4621) being posted is outside the current penny rounding thresh hold.

What I have tried :

  1. Here X is whatever amount I give in GL Parameters penny rounding field. I have tried changing all rounding off values in local as well as secondary currency.

  2. Running the update cleanups in AR, AP and Inventory periodic.

  3. Just before system checks for validation, I got the amount displayed (to be posted) and surprisingly there was no imbalance.

Although in Roll up 8 in KB article 2537244, seems this might have been taken care of as it states that in Indian DB system tries to post some additional entries in transfer order posting, although there is no documentation shared with the article. Has anyone tried it ?

Any piece of code fixes it or is there any standard method would do. If there is any piece of code would sincerely appreciate if it is being shared.

A new hotfix has been released for this, KB Article 2697190 , so issue has been resolved.

Hi Kapil,

Thanks in advance!!!

With reference to your mail thread, I have encountered the same issue on AX Application version 5.0.1500.3761. It would be great help, if you could provide the exact KB Article No. which has resolved this issue…