Training Materials for Financials

Hello all!

Can any one to help me for any training matrial for financials.

If any one has any matrial please sent me at: (email removed by admin)

Thanks in advance.

Dear Soni,

You should really read the “How to ask questions” article before posting. Never write “Please help” etc. in the subject. Write a subject that will actually help the reads. And never post your email address directly in the forum. I have done these changes to your post.

I’m sorry I cannot help subject.

I believe you have to go through Microsoft - you used to be able to buy them from them, not sure now, or if you have partner access you can download - it used to break all kinds of Microsoft copyright rules to free issue them, or for example upload them to a site like this, but to be honest I am not sure anymore, the simplest approach would be to contact Microsoft, assuming no one sends you them!

Now i have crate a map what to do to find any training matrial.

Thank you AdamRoue.


what is map (is it something related to microsoft partnersource)?

If you are a partner, then log-in to partnersource, look for “Training and Certification”, then may be you will find “Exam Preparation Guide”, there you can download the study material for NAV Financials.

You should first decide which exam code/version you want to take.

Then it depends if you are a private self-study exam taker, or if tou are attached to a partner.

It also depends if you want books to study or other stuff. Either one, google it well and you will find stuff.

Good Luck


Well it is a very basic help, It is not the same as the ones who have acess to partnersource (I do not) like most of you here.

It also depends on what level you are(and I am trying to get to the basic level), but for someone that not even has the exact exam codes that it is supposed to make?

I say this because I will have to certify for the Financials in a couple of months, and I compared the programme of the 4.0 and 5.0 and there is a difference.

All the Best

Maps were introduced in 5.0, i think u can find info about them in Whats New in 5.0.