Trade Agreement -Date range

Hi All,

I have set line discount (sales) for a specific item to a specific customer for the period 01.01.2013 to 31.03.2013.

Discount % was 7.

Now for the same item and same customer I want to give 10% discount from 01.02.2013 to 28.2.2013.

And from March onward 7% will again come in to force.

When I set this system is not taking discount which is set for 01.02.2013 to 28.2.2013.

So how I can achieve this.?!



Can you post a screen shot of your trade agreement for the customer?

Hi Jainal,

It will add both 7% and 10% and discount will be treated as 17%.

Condition 1 - dated from 01.01.2013 to 31.03.2013 … it will be 7%

Condition 2 - dated from 01.02.2013 to 28.02.2013 …,. it will be 10%. So, it mean both conditions are passed and it will take the 17% as discount… in the 2nd condition you’re dates are inside the dates mentioned in the 1st condition. So, it will consider both the conditions as “true” and accepts to give you 17% discount. what is the discount selection you have opted at AR parameters?


Hi Sarathy,

17% that you are mentioning will come in the case where I put 7% in Disc 1 and 10% in Disc 2.

( AR Parameter is set "Line+Multiple and it will bring 17% from Disc 1 and Disc 2)

Currently in my case, discount is coming 7% and system is not considering 01.02.2013 to 28.02.2013 - 10% discount.

Can you help me further.?




First - if you mention Disc1 (7%) and Disc 2 (10%) then the discount will not be 17%, it will be only 16.3% (You can see this figure in the Disc. pct field in Order line).

You did the setup of line discount at customer or Sales order level? did you assigned line discount group to customer? there is a small difference between Discount and Disc.pct fields… Discount field will calculate on “EACH item quantity” . (Example: If Quantity is 5 , Discount % is 2 and Price is 10 then 50-10(5 * 2) = 40 net amt)… Disc.Pct field will calculate discount %.

coming to your case, you might be missing some setups. It will be 17% only as both conditions are true it will give you 17% as discount. Re-check once again your setups.


You have created a cross over of dates - in this case the system does not take both it takes the first. You need to split your 7% to end on 31.01.13 and then a new line to start the 7% again on 01.03.13. Overlapping dates in trade agreements AX has never liked.


Create 2 lines of same item with same customer with different dates, it will give you the result.


Thanks Adam and Sarathy.

Sarathy it won’t help. I checked that scenario as well. overlapped dates are not considered.

and further, if I post them together in one journal then it gives me a warning message.!!

I think I need cut the date ranges every time when such in between dates required to be considered as suggested by Adam.!

That may became lengthy job for my client but we dont have another option.

Thanks again.