Tracking Dimensions by Storage Dimension Query

Hi There

I have items that move around my warehouses - in some locations I am required to track by serial and others I am not.

Can I set a location to track an item by serial/batch number rather than it being set at product level?

For example an item is purchased at location A - no serial number is required.

Same item is purchased at location B - here a serial number is required.

What set up do I need to follow to enable this?



Could you explain the concept with an example. Items are serialised, whether they are stored in warehouse A or B does not really impact, so why does it for you? The only way you could do this is to allow blank receipt and issue and process enforce the definition in warehouse B. Or customize it of course. So I had an example where a client wanted to only track serial numbers on sales dispatch notes - which is a customization as and movement out of a warehouse with blank issue not ticked would need a definition (so transfer, adjustment etc).

Ok here is the example not dissimilar to above though.

Item A - I do not want to set serial number attributes at item level. I want the warehouse it passes through to determine if the item is assigned a serial number.

So buy into location 1 - no serial, if transferred from location 1 to 2 or purchased directly into 2 then item serial number tracking is required when the item is active and sold out of location 2.

I am not an inventory person so this may be standard or not possible. I can see that serial tracking is by item and not by item/location. I require the latter.



I meant an actual example - industry and why the need is location based - the concept of the serial number is always to identify the physical product. I see no business reason to identify the item at a serial level depending upon where it is.

You cannot do this in standard AX outside of what I have already described.

Well have many examples but example at hand is for medical supplies. In the above example serial items (location b) are tracked and managed via a dedicated warehouse where the item is required as part of a managed process to the end client and legal obligation to track every serial we sell to end clients for recalls etc.

In location A we act as a distributor to the trade and the obligation for the final serial tracking is with the shop/health care trust we provide the equipment to, we may have no requirement to track serial at all or at most batch level.

If we move an item from our main distribution facility to our client sales warehouse then the tracking type will need to change on arrival at location B.

Key issue it is the same item but dependant on how utilised the tracking dimension will have to change during its lifecycle based on its location which determines its final use type.

Hi Patrick,

One solution which may help is available in Dynamics AX 2012 R3; Serial number for service and warranty.

You can enable serial only at time of Sales order packing slip (delivery note) and/or invoicing, and I think you can make it optional. This means you could receive the item in either warehouse without serial number. You could move it around the warehouse, or between warehouses without serial number. Only when the item was sold would you enter the serial number, if you wanted.

I wrote a bit about this functionality here:

Note - if you do need to track the serial number at purchase receipt and around the warehouse locations, this will not be suitable for you.

Thanks for the efforts appreciated. I have seen the serial number for service option and we do use elsewhere but not adequate here. Items in location B also generates a number of service tasks and the serial ID is the unique identifier. IE we will QA the item as a minimum hence requiring it be identified on arrival and whilst at this location.

It is as expected that behaviour is by item type not location. I have concept that variant of the item will be created and some logic that when item moved via journal it will adjust down the level on the source item and increase the variant with serial requirement and collect serial- the variant with serial will then be transferred. Messy and creates a lot of surplus postings but all I have come up with so far.

I would argue it is not the same item because a critical attribute differentiates the product depending upon usage [:D]

However to achieve you what you want you need to customize AX, you cannot do this as standard in my opinion. I would avoid variants - if you only ever see it as item A then write the serial number requirement logic based upon a warehouse setting, adding additional code into the standard dimension group (which you would need with variants anyway).