Tracking dimension group setup link with the InventSerialTable record creation AX2012 R3.

Hi pioneers,

While registering the items in purchase orders, came to know that only some of the serial numbers recorded

in the from Serial numbers . (Path: InventoryAndWarehouseManagement\Inquiries\Dimensions\Serial numbers)

I found the reason behind by debugging, When certain conditions are met then a record is

created in InventSeriaTable.


inventDimGroupFieldSetup = this.inventDimGroupSetup().getFieldSetup(fieldNum(InventDim,InventSerialId));
if (!inventDimGroupFieldSetup.isActive() || !inventDimGroupFieldSetup.isSerialNumberControlEnabled())
doUpdate = false;

if (doUpdate)


From above script came to know that Insertion of InventSerialTable is not triggering in the Items which holding Tracking dimension group with the setup

Serial number control - not enabled,

serial number active - not enabled.

I would like to know what is the reason behind linking of recording serial number in InventSerialTable

(creating record in InventSerialTable) only when the above conditions has met.