Totals are not displayed on the PO Confirmation report


I have a request that users have asked to see why the Totals at the bottom of the report are not being displayed? The totals are only shown some times and some times not. May be there is a functional configuration at the Vendor or Group level that need to be enabled/checked to show the Totals which I don’t know. Do any of have any inputs on how to turn them on if there is a setup?

The other thing I can do is to comment out the condition below to have the Totals always displayed. But I would like to see if there is a functional setup or configure some where on AX screens that always returns a YesNo::Yes in the below Enum in the If condition.

Version: AX 2012 R3


As you see, the values comes from VendPurchOrderJour.AmountPurchaseOrder. When you look at cross-references, you’ll see that the value gets defaulted from vendor, namely VendTable.PurchAmountPurchaseOrder. The label of this field is Purchase order prices/amount.

Thanks, Martin. Yes, checking that box took care of it.