totaling accounts in the management reporter

Hi Gurus

While i was defining the row definitions for the management reporter(financial statement), i met a tricky problem. i have some main accounts defined as below:

the main accounts inside the red rectangle are “Total” type, but when i tried to link the row definition with the financial dimensions, only three of them as listed in the “Totaling accounts” in the management reporter as below:

But if i select the “Individual or range”, and browse the individual main account, i do can find some of the “Total” main accounts.

i check the Total settings for these main accounts in the “Chart of accounts”, all of them have sub-account defined, Does anyone know how the management report distinguish the main accounts?

Many Thanks.

This is a AX bug, the solution to fix this issue as below:

In the DimensionAttributeValue table there is a column called IsTotal which should be 1 (TRUE) for the totaling accounts. That is more than likely a 0 for the accounts that are not showing in MR correctly.

In the DimensionAttributeValue table the EntityInstance is the RecID from the MainAccount table. So you can find your account in the MainAccount table, get the RecID of that account and then search for that value in the EntityInstance column of the DimensionAttributeValue table and look at the IsTotal.