TotalFields vs CurrReport.CreateTotal

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Whats the difference between TotalFields and CurrReport.CreateTotal


There is not much of a difference. You can create Total fields from code .

But this is told by the help too.



Yes, there is not much difference but total fields some times shows wrong output, so use this syntax in onPreDataitem


This will give exact output .take this in two reports using Total fields and using create total fields check this thing by using calculator you will find problem of total field property.

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But if I have GroupBy 2 fields in a DataItem (Eg: DataItem-Cust. Ledger Entry , GroupBy- Salesperson Code AND Customer Code), in my section designer how can I inform system to show grouping of Salesperson on First Cust. Ledger Entry GroupFooter and grouping of Customer on Second Cust. Ledger Entry GroupFooter


CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT :=

CurrReport.TOTALSCAUSEDBY = CustomerLedgerEntry.FIELDNO(“Sales Person Code”);

CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT :=

CurrReport.TOTALSCAUSEDBY = CustomerLedgerEntry.FIELDNO(“Customer No.”);

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