Total print on the purchase order

Hi All

when i am printing the PO(PSAPurchaseorder ) , at last it is not showing the total, or does it have any parameter setup because in the method initFromVendPurchorderJour (PurchPurchaseOrder table ) i found a condition ‘enableAmountControls’.

Can u explain me on that.

Any Comments Experts

There are two parameters which needs to be activated to print prices on PO.

Procurement & Sourcing Parameters - General Tab

Vendor - Purchase Order

Purchase Order Posted after this parameter activation will be printed with Prices.

PO posted before this parameter activation will not have prices printed on it.

It Is not working Sachin, and one more thing what with the purchase order which are posted before activating this option.

It should work. Have you enabled it in both parameters and vendors?

If a vendor is created after enabling this parameter the vendor will inherit this parameter.

from vendTable it is carried to \Data Dictionary\Tables\VendPurchOrderJour\Fields\AmountPurchaseOrder, which will done when the PO is confirmed. so the prior confirmations will not have the information.

You can update the field \Data Dictionary\Tables\VendPurchOrderJour\Fields\AmountPurchaseOrder

I have tested the scenario for Purchase Order posted before activating Parameter.

System is not printing prices on Purchase Order.

But Purchase Order Posted after enabling this parameter system is printing prices on PO report.

Posting - 1 - If PO is printed from this prices will not be printed

Parameter Activated

Now post the PO again and

Posting - 2- PO printed from this will have prices printed on report.

Sorry i havnt put the check mark on the Vendor Form, I misunderstand the reply of Sachin and just update in the parameter only.

Thanks you sachin and Kranthi