total order amount

what table and field is the total order amount in in the sql database for a sales order? I cant seem to find it in the sales header.

what is the field ID of the field?

is it a localization field or customized?

check whether it is a flow field


please always add tags to a question, at least the nav version. thx.

in nav 2015 the total amount is displayed in the lines section underneath the sales lines. this section is the sub page 46 Sales Order Subform. the total amounts are calculated dynamically using cu 57 document totals.

in older nav versions you can calculate it also dynamically by summing up the line amounts in trigger sales line-onaftergetrecord or by using a flowfield in table sales header.


There are two fields in Sales Header i.e. Amount and Amount Including VAT but it is flow field and it is not available in Sql server database as it is logical fields and not physical fields.

as amol suggests you could use sales header fields Amount and Amount Including VAT. these are flowfields.

e.g. Amount: Sum(“Sales Line”.Amount WHERE (Document Type=FIELD(Document Type),Document No.=FIELD(No.)))

you could recreate that in sql.