Total inventory

Is there a standard report in navision that will show the total inventory value of a particular company, and can be restricted by product group?

The standard North America Version of NAV includes both Inventory Valuation and Inventory To G/L Reconcile Reports. Both of these will report on total value of inventory. You may add a filter to the Inventory Posting Group or possibly other fields. The Report numbers are 10138 and 10139. The W1 Version includes Report 1001 as the primary Inventory Valuation report. These reports will show the value of the inventory in the specific Company the user is operating in and can typically be filtered by various Item field data. I hope this helps.

Yep that looks like what i needed thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Tom, I have been searching everywhere, but I could not find anything on the differences between Inventory Valuation Report from NA and from W1. Could you provide me with a link on the matter or provide me some assistance as one of our client has both versions of the report and the output of W1 matches the chart of account and the output of NA report does not. According to your explanation I guess it make sense since with W1 we are only looking at the values posted in the company that the user is currently operating in. So in NA version the report is generated using the data from all the companies within that database? Also, we ran the NA version of the report (On Dec 4th) with the end date on 10/31/14 and we printed the output. A week later we ran the same report with the same parameter, but our quantity had changed. How is that possible?

Is Inventory is adjusted automatically ? I means what is schedule of Adjust cost batch job and Posting Inventory to G/L.

Doesnt ACIE updates the Unit Cost rather than the Remaining Quantity field. In our case the Remaining Quantity went from 49 to 27 for the same as of date; we just ran the report a week later.