Total discounts

While making a sales order if we put a total discount for a customer

by clicking Trade Agreement button–Total discount eg we put 100

it is appearing correctly when we click the Inquiries-Totals

But the problem is under the “Price/Discount” tab there is a field called Total discount %, if we check there an amount appears there eg.0.50

And finally when we post the invoice the total discount of 100 becomes 100.56 etc…

Any idea why this happens. How can we prevent this.


What version?

Although you can enter the total discount % field what this field really is is the returned percentage based upon the associated total discount group when the calculation total discount is run. If you are referring to the line tab then this is not the total discount.

In mine I have a 10% group, there is nothing in teh total discount % field at first. When I go to inquiries and totals the % is then populated, the balance is 100, discount 10 and invoice amount 90.

Any modifications?

First of all Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

I am using AX 4.0.

I checked and it is fine.Let me do some more test.

Thanks and regards



I tried one situation as below

I selected a customer and made a Sales Order , I verified that this customer does not belong to any TOTAL DISCOUNT group under the ‘Sales Order’ tab of the Customer Information. I entered a line for an item which is a standard item. I put the quantity as 100 and the unit price as 76.00. The total amount appears as 7600.00. I finished the lines and then I clicked on Trade Agreement → Total Discount and added a line. The Account code was “table” and it was showing the customer code over there. I put 150 in the discount field. I saved the record and closed the screen. Now the problem starts.

If I look at ENQUIRIES–TOTALS, I can see the value of the Sales order is 7600 but the total discount is appearing as 149.72.

Any idea.

Thanks in advance

Why are you adding the line as a trade agreement after creating the sales line? The process does not seem to scan correctly.

You will not like this, but here is your explanation.

Your price is 7600.00, and you are offering 150 discount. This is 1.9736842105263157894…%

AX rounds this to 1.97%, as you can see in the sales order header.

1.97% of 7600 is 149.72 [:D]


Thanks a lot for the quick reply. My requirement is to give a Total discount on the Order value.

eg. A customer buys

10 items at a price of USD 200 each, then another item

30 pieces at a price of USD 100 each

then the order value is 5000. I want to give a discount of USD250 on this order for this customer. Remember that I don’t want to give him line discount.

Suggest me a solution for this.



Well as explained as standard it creates the flat discount as a percentage and applies the percentage so you have a rounding issue. You would need to modify it to do what you want I believe, but I have not looked into it in detail I have just explained what you thought was strange.


Thanks a lot for all the support.

I think AX is behaving strange. I am expecting it to do a small thing which is done at ease in any other ERP Program.

Any way thanks



It does it it just does it in a strange manner, no idea why it expresses it as a discount percentage and then reapplies itself thereby not giving the required amount discount, but this seems to be how it works as standard unless I am missing a parameter somewhere (which is very possible with AX)

I am reading here the same inquiry i have,

I need to ask about giving some customer a discount for the total of the invoice on AX 10

I tried to fill the total discount% field with a percentage in the header but it does not work

thanks for help

Hi ,

Without defining the Trade agreements Total Discounts , is it not possible to give the total discount to a customer in sales order ?

In the price/discount fast tab of the sales header you can key in a total discount %

Hi lally,

May i know what is your exact requirement on total discount?


Hi Sarathy,

My question is without defining the Trade Agreements , Can i manually enter the total discount in Sales order ?

Hi All,

I’am facing the same problem and would like to use a total discount without trade agreements, any ideas?




There is a way, how you can setup Total discount and use it without TRADE AGREEMENTS.

I had opened a case with Microsoft and they had given me the fix/solution.

let me check it out.