Tool tips in Navision

In the design phase we can run a form in two different ways. 1) Select the form in object designer and click Run 2) open the form in Design mode and press CTRL+R It has been noticed that the characteristic the tool tips for controls in the second method is little different. In the second method we have to press mouse somewhere else in the form to see the tooltips. But in the first method there is no need of clicking mouse in the form to see the tooltips. Any way it will not make any harm to me. But I am not sure is this because of some property has to be set or even a small bug in the program. Regards Joseph Mathew

Believe this behavior has to do with running-without-storing (ctrl-R method). Navision compiles/creates a temporary copy of the object only. Although ctrl-R is a fine way of quick testing your changes, be aware of the danger of not having saved first. You may lose all changes made when something goes very wrong and you need to break (shutdown) Navision. Save, then Run (alt-R) is surely the preferred way. John