tool for format navision code


I wonder if there is a tool where you can past your navision code and then the code will be correct formatted. Just like in visual studio or in mssql

Hi Niels,

Try to look at NAV 2016.

Here you have the intellisense know from VS etc. - no automatic “re-formatting” of existing code though. And you can still do it exactly as you like.
So sometimes you see
IF SomeThing = TRUE THEN
SomeThingElse := False;

Sometimes like this:
If Something Then SomethingElse := FALSE;


mm, SO it will be nice that somebody built a tool for nav 2009. so that you can copy your code and past it in the program and then have a function to format the nav 2009 code

Yes, you know what to do when you have the time, if you like to have.
Don’t think that any company would do that now, for an unsupported version of NAV… [;)]

To indent press SHIFT+TAB by selecting lines

Amol, that doesn’t really help you format the code. Only to indent the text…

oke, thank you. But , yes, what Erik says. it Doesnt format the code.