tool comparer for 3 objects

hi all… i have a project which is using nav version 4 and nav version 3.7

these are separate 2 databases… and different objecs in it

some are the same…some are different

they want to merge it become new version (NAV 2009)

what i need now is …
is there any tool to compare 3 different objects?

so i can compare for example table 36 (sales header)

there are 3 objects side by side… table 36 (version 3.7)…table 36 (version 4…0)…table 36 (version 2009)…

if you have or know about tool like that. please do let me know


CompareIt, Beyond Compare and Araxis

right now i’m using beyond compare version 3

can it compare 3 different objects?how to do that?

as far as I know.,… it only compare between 2 objects

Like this


how to make it become 3 columns?
mine only 2 columns?

what version do you use?

3-way Merge Pro edition only

Introduced in version 3, Beyond Compare’s new merge view allows you to combine changes from two versions of a file into a single output.

can you see the last option below menu items…?

Check here

ok. thanks a lot Mohana


Dev Tool Kit is also an option, what i think.