To track Item creation date and user ID

I am using NAV 5.0 and is trying to find out how to capture item creation date and user id.

As the item card is created by a group, need a trail log to trace the initiate date and user who insert this record.

This is for report on daily item creation count which I am running for the whole of item records.

I couldn’t find in the item table on such fields.

Only available is Last Modified date which does not meet the criteria.

My question is : does NAV has such default fields somewhere in SQL ?

In fact, I have just turned on the change log on Item card to start the tracking.

This is only useful on new item from this point onward.

Hope to have some pointer.



Hi Lee,
These fields are not in the Default Item Nav Table.
If required you can add these fields in the table and assign values during insert records in Item Table.

Adding created by/date and modified by/date to NAV is one of the most common customizations. Even in NAV 2016 this remains unsolved.

Partially, because here at least you’re able to use the TimeStamp on the record for the same purpose.

write following on on edit action of Item Card

Item.“Latest Re-Open Date”:=TODAY;
Item.“Re-Open UserID”:=USERID;