To run the report from two different actions with different data in navision .


I have a doubt.
I have one customized report which should be run from two different actions.
one action is print action on a customized page and the second action is the post+print action on item journal page.
If i run my customized report from item journal page action post+print then the report’s date field should be the WORKDATE and if I normally print the report from a different action then the reports date field should be null.

Can anyone please suggest me how to do it, it is really very urgent.

you can create a global function in report and pass the parameters before calling the report and then call the report

Thanks for the reply.
Can you please explain it in briefly.

I have closed this thread. Please continue on its “duplicate”:…/print-different-data-on-report-while-it-running-from-different-actions-on-page