To process a wave - ERROR

Hi everyone,

I’m facing with the following problem:

In the “Release to warehouse” form, I release Order number 003760:


An infolog confirms the release:


In the “Waves” form, I click on “Process” and then the next Infolog appears:


I’ve reviewed the work templates and I don’t know what is the problem.

Anyone could help me?


What does the work creation history log tell you?

It had go through the work templates and all of them failed and, at the end, it says: “Item D0101 allocation failed”

What could it be? I can’t find the problem.

Can you post the screen shot from teh work creation history log? I would guess the rule sets you have devised create incompatible pick and putaways meaning the work cannot be created.


Do you mean that the problem is on the location directives?

So there are a series of work templates and they all fail, so the logic you have attributed to each is not met in the transaction you are undertaking - review the logic.