To display RESERVED PHYSICAL qty on Item Requirements Line


I would like to know whether it is possible to add a new field at the Item Requirements Line level having a Display method to show the ‘RESERVED PHYSICAL’ quantity for each item.

If yes, then is it possible that I can use any of the existing method?


Do I need to write a new method.I am new to AX coding, so in case I need to write a new method, can you please give a few tips to get started.


Thomas Philipose

You can make use of \Classes\InventOnHandQty\reservPhysical

create an instance of the \Classes\InventOnHandQty by using the new* methods available in that class

Dear Kranthi,

Thanks for the message

I had done the following:

  1. On the form ProjSalesItemReq - Methods - Class declaration added the following line

InventOnHandQty onHandQty;

  1. Datasource- SalesLine - Method

  2. Created a new method as follows

private InventQty getPhysicalResvQty()


OnHandQty = new InventOnHandQty(); // To initialise the Class


But i am getting an error as follows:

The method is declared protected and may only be called from methods in classes derived from InventOnHandQty.

When I checked in the Class, I found that the new method is a protected one.

How can I overcome this? Please tell me whether my approach is correct from a Theoretical point?
Since I am beginner, I would like to follow best practices, rather than some how getting the work done.

Thomas Philipose

Use the available constructors to create the instance of the class

Example: \Classes\InventOnHandQty\newItemId